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Exploring the History of Medical Education in Florence, Italy

As a medical illustrator turned 3D biomedical artist, the anatomical wax collections at La Specola in Florence, Italy, were a true inspiration to see in person. Starting at the Interactive Commons only six months before our visit, I was fresh out of school and had a limited knowledge of the history of medical education.  Leonardo…

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Thoughts and Recollections from the World Economic Forum

Travel Getting from Cleveland to Davos was pretty straight forward: Flight from Cleveland to Dulles, Dulles to Zurich and then hop a couple of trains until you end up at Davos Dorf high in the mountains.  It certainly sounds easy enough, but I was sure glad to be in a group.  Especially, since that group…

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HoloLens at Microsoft Build: All About Collaboration

HoloLens at Microsoft Build: All About CollaborationAs expected, HoloLens was the star of Microsoft Build 2016, much as it was for Build 2015. There was a fundamental difference this year, though. Last year was all about showing you holograms in your world. Keynote demos showed single users exploring anatomy, controlling robots, and moving windows on…

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